Life Groups are one of the main points of connection, community and care for most people at CLM. We encourage all CLM adult members to belong to a group, providing a place to be connected in Christ-centred community beyond the ‘crowd’ of a Sunday service.

Most of our groups meet weekly in homes around the city - on Tuesday, Wednesday or Thursday evenings.  We have a wide range of groups available, including Young Adult groups, Young Family groups, All-age groups and Synergy groups (for those aged 60+). They are a place to belong, develop friendships with others in church and to grow spiritually.  Our Student and Youth Ministries also include a ‘Life Group’ component.

Our Life Groups seek to provide an ‘immediate family’ to belong to, within the bigger church family.
All of our groups are welcoming, real, fun, Christ-centred, prayerful, Word-based and usually involve cake.

To get connected with a Life Group, please click the link below.