City Praise and Prayer is a bi-annual event which draws churches together across Coventry to worship together and to pray with one voice for the Kingdom of God to come in our city. This is very much a ‘combined churches’ event – organised and led by various church leaders - but to date CLM has played a key role in the organisation of the evenings and we have been privileged to be the host venue.

City Praise and Prayer began in November 2013 and each gathering has drawn up to 900 people together from 80 different churches from a variety of denominations, networks and streams.  Worship is led on the night by a group of musicians, singers and technicians from across a number of different churches and Bishop Christopher Cocksworth usually plays a key role on the night.

The next City Praise & Prayer gathering will be on Sunday 10 November at 6.30pm

These gatherings are open to all. Please join us as we gather with the wider church to lift up the Name of Jesus.